Tactical Cash Flow


Your cash is the lifeblood of your business. Our Tactical Cash Flow system will help you manage it more effectively to stay in business and thrive. You will be able to see with a clear vision the direct impact on your cash balance, at the very moment that you are planning or tracking your expected and actual cash transactions automatically organized per categories, bank accounts, entities or people.



End user license for one year.

Tactical Cash Flow for Business Owners/General Managers of small to medium size companies or projects. Tactical Cash Flow has been designed to improve cash flow management, forecasting and tracking. Some of the benefits it provides include:
• Better cash flow results with a more “real-time” tracking of your expected and actual cash transactions.
• Lower risk with better visibility and understanding of the impact of your cash inflows and outflows on your cash balance.
• Portable, safe, and easy to use. It works with any computer running Microsoft Excel 2016 or latter edition. You can start at any time. No accounting knowledge required.