Financial Analysis and Tactical Plan (FATP)




USB flash drive ultra-portable containing the Financial Analysis and Tactical Plan (FATP)

License for one year or 365 allowed numbers of openings.

Order processing time is 1-3 business days.


  • Smart business software.
  • Ultra-portable USB technology.
  • Incredibly fast and effective.
  • Compatible with any PC running Microsoft Excel 2019.
  • Expert templates, formulas and intelligent design are preloaded.
  • Suitable for any type of business: manufacturing, merchandising or services.


Preloaded with Samples and Instructions
The system comes preloaded with samples and instructions. Key definitions are automatically displayed when needed.

Profit and Cash Flow Optimization
Analyzes all business operations to get a competitive edge. Achievable tactical profit and cash flow optimization is calculated by integrating data analysis with intelligent design.

Out of control cost and expenses are detected and diagnosed in minutes.

Streaming Charts
Track business performance with automatic charts, reflecting lagging and leading key performance indicators.

Main Menu
The main menu has automatic buttons linking every section of the software.