Why Use Our Tactical Cash Flow Software?

  • See the true liquidity picture ahead of time to meet your immediate and short-term obligations
  • Optimize your cash balance by managing the tactical timing and impact of your expected vs. actual cash transactions
  • Reduce your risk of a sudden cash crisis with effective planning and control of your cash on a more real-time basis
  • Track, sort out, and filter your sources and uses of cash by relevant categories, bank accounts, and entities
  • Reduce the time consuming work of data entry by using your bank download into spreadsheet format
  • Print your output reports on paper or PDF for sharing by email or save them in your computer, smartphone, or USB
  • The software works on any PC running with Microsoft Office Excel 2016
  • Customize your settings to your relevant needs
  • Capacity: 500,000 transactions
  • Easy and fast. No accounting skills required

Why Use Our Business Analysis System?

  • Gain a competitive edge by optimizing your company’s potential profitability and cash flow
  • Improve your company’s financial strength
  • Reduce risk of company losses and cash flow crisis
  • See the financial weaknesses that can seriously affect your business
  • Make better and faster business decisions with tactical solutions
  • Save countless hours of tedious analysis work that delays your decision-making process
  • Save money with cost-effective tactical solutions

What it does?

  • Help you find relevant cost inefficiencies or cash flow problems that are affecting your business
  • Show, track, detect, diagnose and integrate all important factors that impact your company’s performance
  • Suggest potential solutions to solve cost or cash flow problems
  • Help you plan for profit and cost control, revenue enhancing, debt reduction and company growth
  • Guide you to engineer or re-engineer your company profit and cash flows
  • Project realistic financial scenarios that can occur at any point in time
  • Present all key reports with streaming charts
  • Show all supporting facts

How it works?

1) Connect our USB flash drive to your computer. The USB flash drive provided by Management Evolution LLC, contains a Microsoft Excel file with the business analysis software. The system is password protected.

2) Load your company data or financial reports. Do not worry. The data required, is only the relevant data for the decision making process

3) Relax.  The system has the ability to interact with the user and  interpret the data provided using intelligent design. You can obtain effective reports in minutes


What type of companies can be analyzed with this software?

Any manufacturing, merchandising or services.

Are instructions provided with the software?

Yes. The software contains instructions with multiple samples.

Is free technical support provided?

Yes. Free technical support via e-mail is provided during the duration of the license.